Award winning graphics designer with over 15 years of experience, Ibrahim is an expert in branding. With specific knowledge of Arabic and Middle Eastern design, and an understanding of Arabic TV trends, he is able to communicate a company's message on a variety of platforms. Ibrahim is a fantastically creative branding consultant, with a strong background in GFX design. 

Visual communication is his art and passion, and has spent his entire career developing this skills. Studying at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication, London’s top design university, he was able to tune his skills in visual communication through animation. Eventually going on to heading up a team, as Head of Graphics in leading post-production company, Envy.

His previous roles involved facilitating an online department namely on Smoke and Nitris, concept development & pitching for various broadcasting idents & corporate films. As Head of Graphics, he also developed excellent one-to-one client relationships. 

Having great technical skills in design, animation and photography not only allow him to conceive ideas more adept and full-rounded by being able to communicate with audiences on different platforms, but also to physically create and deliver them.
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