MY CAMERA IN EXILE began as a collection of street photography. This new work is still very exploratory but I find the exploration itself interesting and I wanted to share some of it. I have enjoyed my time over the years being out in the Middle East directing various film productions where at times I would have over a hundred people working on set or on location. This leaves me with very little time to myself. Often in my lunch breaks and at weekends I would take my camera and just walk around in some random direction, to intentionally get ‘lost in the city’ and discover what fascinates me. I love finding myself in different locations. I love being a traveller. I relish being a stranger in a strange land and capturing these moments with my camera, often discretely shooting from the hip.

What I find interesting about street photography is the process of setting out and not knowing what I will find. This is very different from shooting my commissioned work where every variable has been meticulously planned. I walk around with my camera and let the world interact with me. I watch, wait and then shoot when all the elements seem to come together in some visual equilibrium.

Maythem Ridha
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